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My path in Homeschooling has not always has been one of achievements, joy, confidence compliments, congratulations and
encouragements.  There was  a  time – in  the  very  beginning  of  this  path- full  of  doubts,  stress,  fatigue and  deception.

Next, I will present my encounter with the instruction using flash cards, and one of the institutions that  promote  such  kind
of teaching. I will list some of the factors that influence mothers  to  get involved  in  this style  of  teaching, the propaganda
technique used to promote those products, the physiologic abuse  that  the mothers suffer, the consequences  to  the children
and finally the way to the reality.

The presentations that I elaborate in that first year  of homeschooling are available in the link at the end of this page. Those
presentations represent infinite hours of hard  intellectual  work,  investment  of  resources, and illusion.  I have  decided  to
continue with their publication  for two reasons: they are  a  witnesses  that  my  history is true, and because  an  image or a
collection of images are not, in any way, evil, what is harmful is the way of its use and the objectives behind its utilization.

In April 2007, - when I first discovered the  deception  behind  these  methods  of  flash  cards  and  the  whole  languages in
reading – I wrote a synthesis of such methods, at that time I still was filling  disappointed and upset of the fraud from wish I
was a victim.

After the publication of that short essay which I call “The  Flash  Card  Approach  or  My  Son’s  Teddy  bear  can  Read”  I
received – and continue receiving – emails asking me for more details. That is why; finally I have decided to write the whole
history, with all its interiorities.

Momentary I will tell you that If I can summarize my opinion about the use of flash cards as a method of teaching, I will tell
that looks to me as a cheaper fraud as the shampoo for baldness. You will understand what  I  am  talking about  when  you
read the whole history.

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The Way to Phonics

In the next link my first essay with many informative links at the end of it.

The Flash Card Approach or "My son's Teddy Bear Can Read!"

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