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Octavio’s Seventh Graduation Ceremony


Today, we celebrate the end of the Seventh Year of Homeschooling. Octavio finished the school year a few weeks ago. Due to vacation and family activities, we postponed the graduation ceremony to this day.

Following, some of the skills and knowledge that Octavio (10 Years and 2 Months old) has developed in the past seventh school year.


- Octavio finished the Curriculum Spelling Power and covered several books in Language Art from The Critical Thinking Co: Editor in Chief A1, A2, B1 (One more book to finish the series); Word Roots B1, B2 (Finish the series); Daily Mind Builders-Language and Daily Mind Builders-Social Studies (In the way to finish the last book in the series: Daily Mind Builders-Science); and Reading Detective A1, B1 (one more book to finish the series).

-In History, we finish Mystery of History II and we are half way through Mystery of History Vol. III. At the same time, we made review of the topics using The Story of the World corresponding volumes. In Science, we finish the last books of God’s Design on Earth Sciences and started Exploring Creation Series (this time filling the notebooks).

-Octavio started Homeschooling Greek and Artes Latinae I, both are curriculums that he follows by his own, with little supervision.

- In Mathematics, he finished the text of Geometry by Critical Thinking, which was the last book in the series Mathematical Reasoning. He keeps doing Math reviews in

- He continues receiving private piano lesson twice per week, painting lessons once per week and now he has a new private instructor that teaches him AutoCad software once per week.

Next, the video of his Seventh Year Homeschooling’s graduation ceremony.




How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

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Marie-Juliette de Niet Vara singing The Ave Maria

Marie-Juliette is a Dutch-Argentinian Homeschooler, and very talented singer. She is studding bel canto in her residence in Holland. We are very proud of her progress. Now she is preparing her first CD.


Octavio’s Homeschooling Program Year 7


This year, we are taking a break in Classical Languages; we need that extra time to focus in Math since we are starting Algebra and Geometry. We keep using Critical Thinking Books for Language Arts, and extra Math practice using


MORINING SESSION (5 days per week, weekend off):

-Octavio’s reading aloud: Octavio does all the reading, from instructions (Math/Language art books) to other lectures in Science and History. We discuss the topics at the end of the lectures.
-Spelling: Continue with Spelling Power. Last year we were about to finish Level J, the book end in level K, we hope finish the book at the middle of this school year.
-Language: We keep with Critical Thinking Language Art Series: Reading Detective, Inference Jones, Word Roots, and Editor in Chief also as an extra fun time, we include Daily Mind Builders Series.
-Memorization: We select pieces in Classical Languages.
-Mathematics: Understanding Geometry (it is the last book in the series of Mathematical Reasoning by Critical Thinking). After finish this book, we are moving to a college textbook in Algebra.
-History: Continue reading from Mystery of History/ The Story of the World and other books.
-Science: Lecture from difference sources according to interest. Chemistry Lab practices
-Music: Octavio continue receiving private piano lessons twice per week.
-Art: Finally, we found a drawing instructor. He comes home ones per week.

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Minecraft in a Swedish School

I used to think that videogames were bad for kids, until I give them a try. Now, I am very enthusiastic of new technologies for kids, so far, in our particular case, I only find advantages.
Next, an articles about a particular game that Octavio likes a lot: Minecraft

Swedish School Now Has A Mandatory Minecraft Class



Octavio’s Sixth Graduation Ceremony


Today, we celebrate the end of the Sixth Year of Homeschooling.

Next, of the knowledge and skills that Octavio (9 Years and 2 Months old) has win in the past sixth school year.


- The last school year, Octavio memorized the Apostles Cred in Latin.
- We make a deep review of Ancient and Medieval History. He read several books in Earth Science, Physics and Mechanics.
- In Spelling, he is about to finish Level J. Also, he finished 7 books of language from Critical Thinking including Language Mechanics, Editor in Chief Level 2 and two levels of Word Roots.
- In Latin, he finished Lesson 40 of Visual Latin; Third Year of Elementary Greek and Chapter 11 of The First Hebrew Primer.
- Octavio finished Fifth Grade Math Curriculum by Critical Thinking and made a complete review Mathematics 3er and 4th grade in
- He keeps receiving Piano lesson two times, he enjoy it, his teacher gives me good report of his progress.

Here, the video and picture of his Sixth Year Homeschooling’s graduation ceremony.




Octavio in i-Fly Dubai

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New Year, New Abilities: Wall Climbing


Happy New Year 2013

May the Lord bless you this New Year 2013



In The Hall of The Mountain King

Octavio’s performance in a Piano Party where he was invited. It was his first public performance. He did pretty good. He was confident and eager to play.


Note: The edition’s mask is to be respecful with the local customs. This party was a only-ladies party.