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A lesson that all we should learn

From Advice to the Young by Noah Webster.

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Letter of this week

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We are moving from copywork to one page of dictation per day. Right now it is taking to Octavio almost one hour to finish one page, he is working hard, but I hope that with this daily exercise he be able to reduce his time to 30 minutes for the middle of the next [...]

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Spencerian Script Penmanship

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Understanding Writing

Understanding Writing by Susan Bradrick, another wonderful Christ-centered homeschooling curriculum.
We are working on Chapter 2, Lesson 6 – Learning to write paragraph (choosing topic, audience and purpose).

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Copywork, Cursive and Latin

I want to share with you this resource from Memoria Press. It is a Cursive Copy Book ‎with English-Latin Text. An additional advantage is that the texts are prayers, hymns, and ‎classical sayings. So, in one single session Octavio practices different skills.‎
Here a pictures of one of his lessons (he writes a page per [...]

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Octavio writing in cursive

Oops! Octavio’s teacher did not pay attention in the “f” lesson, but now he can do it right.

The “invented letters” are gone!

We are woking in the capital cursive letters.

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Progressing in Cursive‎

English: Texto en Español a continuación
Here a couple of pictures of Octavio working in cursive. ‎

He is using Zaner-Bloser 2C Workbook. He started making half page per day, now he is ‎doing two pages per day. He likes cursive very much and just to invented the letters that still he ‎didn’t know, but this week [...]

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Cursive First!

English: (A continuación texto en Español) ‎
Octavio learned the steps to write print letters from a video. So, I was interested to try if ‎he can also learn the steps to write cursive from another video. The reality is that he can ‎learn cursive form any example, but in my personal case, my handwriting is, [...]

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Learning to Write

English: ( A continuación texto en español)‎
‎ ‎
It all started when Octavio received a gift from one of my friends. It was the DVD ‎Winnie the Pooh ABC’s Discovering Letters and Words. I had not planned to introduce ‎writing before Octavio turned four years old, but to our surprise he started writing simple ‎words [...]

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