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The Violin Books by Eden Vaning-Rosen

To continue with our conversation about Violin for Children, I want inform you that I really like The Violin Books, I started to teach Octavio ‎three weeks ago following the Book 1, and I can see good results: he has learned how to ‎carry the violin, how to take it in and out from case [...]

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Invitation to Artsketchbook Yahoo Group

I want inform you about a very nice art yahoo group for homeschoolers, call ‎‎Artsketbook:‎‎
Here the invitation letter by Joy ( House of Joy in Honduras Blog ): ‎
Hello, Welcome to Artsketchbook!‎
Come and join other artists and learn from each other. On the ‎site we have some ‎accomplished artists who are available for ‎advice. There [...]

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Violin for Children

Hello Perla!
I am hoping to get a violin for me and my daughter (7) - I love to sing
but recently my voice tires easily ( all that reading aloud eh?) I love
music and am just going to see how we get on. There are some
inexpensive Music lessons here in Honduras an the School of Music [...]

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