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The Actuarial Fundation-Youth Program

The Actuarial Fundation-Youth Program offers several math books to help children develop math skills. The Student’s Books and Teacher Guides can be downloading for Free in PDF format. Also, they can be order in print for a small donation of about $ 2.50 per book.

Check the whole list of materials. For grades 4 to [...]

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I like software, so does Octavio.
I ask my friend Minnie about how to introduce Octavio in programming. She recommends me Scratch. There are several tutorials on YouTube. The program is simple but effective. It is a nice tool to allow children to develop their first projects.

Scratch: overview from andresmh on Vimeo.

“Scratch [...]

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Visual Latin

So far, this is the best Latin Curriculum I know, and since it satisfies all our necessities, I do not think I will keep looking for more programs.
Octavio loves it. He is in lesson 15. After many Latin program ( Minimus, Prima Latina, Latina Christiana and other aids), finally we found a program that give [...]

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My turn in the arena (The New Bible Curriculum of TWTM)

I am not friend of give bad reviews. I truly believe that the worse review a book can get is the silence. If nobody knows about it, nobody will buy it! Very simple! Of course, when there is something harmful, it is a responsibility to send an alert.
A couple of month ago, a new Bible [...]

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Moonfinder, now available!

Moonfinder, the new story book of Jay Ryan (the same author of Signs & Seasons) is now available.

Soon, to give away two copies here in the blog, I am thinking the questions

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أعضاء الجسم

Bl aini ana anthuru, ana anthuru, ana anthuru
Bl aini ana anthuru, ana anthuru kul ayaumi
By the eye, I see, I see, I see,
by the eye, I see, I see every day.
Bl uduni ana asmau, ana asmau, ana asmau
Bl uduni ana asmau, ana asmau, kul ayaumi
By the ear I hear, I hear, I [...]

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La Canción de los Planetas

Gracias Ana Ruth por este link, tambien me acuerdo de Enrique y Ana

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Simplest Motor

Battery, Magnet and Cooper Wire

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Our approach to Science

This is the story of one desire: Octavio wants to have a plant call Venus Fly Trap. Probably he saw that plant in cartoons or in the internet. He asks us about, we find some nice videos in Youtube, and then our adventured started.

We look for the plant here, but not one of our local [...]

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Math for Morons

Hola, aquí una bonita página que me recomendó Irma. El titulo no es tan atrayente, pero el contenido esta buenísimo, … para cuando los chicos crezcan!.

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