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“Evolution Free” Materials

Tired of reading to your children about history, science and other topics and must be ‎stopping each few lines because the evolution lies inundate your books? ‎
Tired to be deleting the “millions of years ago” and replace for “around 6000 years ago”?‎
Tired to find in the bookstores nice looking books and be disappointed when you [...]

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Free Craft for Kids

Irma, de donde sacas estos links tan buenos? Gracias por compartirlos.
All Free Craft

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Ocean Study -Website for Kids

Gracias Irma por este link sobre Animales Marinos
‎Ocean Study‎
‎… a Octavio le encantó.‎
Bye, bye

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Windows Alt-Key Codes

Gracias Irma, por este link tan útil, utilísimo sobre todo para los que escribimos en ‎español.‎
Windows Alk-Key Codes
Bye, bye

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