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History’s Timeline

English (A continuación texto en Español)‎
One of my favorite’s activities of the Mystery of History is the Timeline. ‎

The book has all the instruction necessary of how to prepare it, also it has ideas of how to ‎build a timeline in movable panels if you prefer. I wish to have more empty walls [...]

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Una Reflexió‎n

Post de Ivett - Marzo 26‎,2008
Hola, tan solo una reflexión:‎
Hace mucho tiempo cuando te conocí a ti y tu experiencia con Doman a la par contacte a ‎Gabriel Sacchi. Recuerdo que en uno de sus mensajes el me dijo: ” Lo más importante ‎son los objetivos a largo alcance, al fin de cuentas [...]

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El Uso de Magia en la Literatura

English: ‎
This post is a translation to Spanish of some elements of the essay “Harry Potter vr. ‎Gandalf and An in-deph analysis of the literally use of magic in the works of J.K. ‎Rowling, J. R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis” by Steven D. Greydanus. ‎
De acuerdo a la enseñanza Cristiana, en el mundo [...]

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Thank you for your visits in Contest Time

English Text ( En Español a continuación) ‎
Thank you for your visits in the “Mathematics Contest Season”, it was so fun that I will ‎try to make something similar each year.‎
Please continue visiting the Blog, now with its new look I feel motivate to write more ‎frequently. ‎
As you know we are living in Saudi [...]

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Contest 10-Adrift at sea!

English ( a continuación texto en Español):‎
With the vessel dead in the water, and adrift at sea, the crew members of the ship found ‎themselves with no hope. The people on board had exhausted all they’re food and water. ‎The apples that were transported, canned food, and no matter how hard they throw their [...]

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Contest 9-The last will!

English (a continuación texto en español):‎
When the pastor of the village died, he was found sitting in a wood chair, over the dining ‎table with a note next to him. In the note was written;‎
‎ ‎
‎“I leave to my three sons all my sheep, these must be divided as such; My older son will ‎receive [...]

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Contest 8-The classic arithmetic challenge!

I am twice the age that you were when I was the age that you are, and when you are the ‎age that I am, the addition of our ages will be 63 years. How old we (you and me) are ‎now?‎
Tengo dos veces la edad que tú tenías cuando yo tenía la edad que [...]

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Contest 7-Lets go to the river!

We have two clay pitchers as the ones in the image below, they have the particularity that ‎both of them do not have marks, this mean, we can not measure theirs contents. We do ‎know that one pitcher has eleven (11) liters total capacity and the other has seven (7) ‎liters total capacity. Using only [...]

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ok, ok, … it will be 10 contests!

It will be 10 contests! We already solved six, but the next four will be a little more ‎difficult. Are you ready?‎
Serán un total de 10 retos! Ya resolvimos seis, pero los siguientes cuatro serán un poquito ‎mas difíciles ¿Están listos?‎
Bye, bye

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Contest 6 of 8

In Ancient times there were three problems unsolvables by compass and straightedge ‎construction. These problems become classics. Write the names of these problems.‎
En la Edad Antigua hubo tres problemas sin solución mediante el solo uso de regla y ‎compás. Estos problemas se convirtieron en clásicos. Escriba los nombres de estos ‎problemas.‎
The first person that post [...]

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