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‎*Upcoming Events* Montly Lecture Series

Thank You Mr. Hinrichs for this update in Free Classical Homeschooling Lectures Online:
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Thank you for signing up for the email list in the past. ‎We need to remake our email list. So, if you would like to continue to receive ‎attendance instructions for our monthly events, please *reregister* using the ‎link below. [...]

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Una Razón de Grandes Consecuencias‎

Note: My English speaking friends, this post is a contribution to the Site in Spanish ‎Educando en Familia Blogspot – Primer Carnaval de Educando en Familia. But you can ‎found the ideas expressed here in english in the references at the end of the article. ‎
Una Razón de Grandes Consecuencias‎
La Razón para Educar en Casa [...]

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Classical Astronomy

English: ( Texto en Español a Continuación)‎
Few months after its publication, I got a copy of Signs and Seasons – Understanding The ‎Elements of Classical Astronomy by Jay Ryan. My intention was to use the book as a ‎unit study in the homeschooling vacation. Being close to that time, I took it from the ‎bookshelves [...]

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Acerca de la Buena Educación

Post de Andrea Hazbun – Abril 20, 2008‎
Acerca de la Buena Educación:‎

Ahora que Iñaki y yo estamos solos prácticamente todo el día, me doy cuenta que ‎prescindir de gente mal educada y con malos hábitos, lleva a una armonización del ‎ambiente. Lo prefiero, tenemos más paz y tranquilidad. Sin embargo…se me dejó caer mi ‎tía [...]

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Parental Right

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Before 10: Math Yes! Workbooks No! ‎

English ( A continuación texto en Español)‎
In classical antiquity, the term Liberal Arts designated the education proper to a freeman ‎‎(Latin: libera, “free”) as opposed to a slave. In the medieval Western university, the ‎seven liberal arts were: the Trivium; Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric, and the Quadrivium; ‎Geometry, Arithmetic, Music, Astronomy - Definition of Liberal Arts [...]

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Un Plan Diario

Post de Andrea Hazbun – Abril 14, 2008
…Perla, si puedes, me serviría mucho que compartieras conmigo un ejemplo de horario de un día de homeschool…
Este no es para nada un ejemplo a seguir, es apenas una manera que he encontrado útil ‎para organizar las actividades diarias y el seguimiento (click en la imagen para [...]

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Charlotte Mason - Disciplina de Hábitos

Post de Andrea Hazbun – Abril 9, 2008‎
Hola Perla, te comento tres temas para comparar y aprender:‎
‎1. Me parece muy interesante el approach de Charlotte Mason sobre la enseñanza de los ‎hábitos. No sé si será lo mismo en Classical Education, pero ya lo averiguaré, porque ‎compre el libro Trivium Persuit. Lo único que no [...]

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Cursive First!

English: (A continuación texto en Español) ‎
Octavio learned the steps to write print letters from a video. So, I was interested to try if ‎he can also learn the steps to write cursive from another video. The reality is that he can ‎learn cursive form any example, but in my personal case, my handwriting is, [...]

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Learning to Write

English: ( A continuación texto en español)‎
‎ ‎
It all started when Octavio received a gift from one of my friends. It was the DVD ‎Winnie the Pooh ABC’s Discovering Letters and Words. I had not planned to introduce ‎writing before Octavio turned four years old, but to our surprise he started writing simple ‎words [...]

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