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Marlin Hoffman’s Memorization Program

For all you necessities in memorization, this technique is full prove!‎
Marlin Hoffman’s Method for Memorizing God’s Word
Para todas tus necesidades de memorización, esta técnica esta probada!‎
Método de Memorización de la Palabra de Dios de Marlin Hoffman

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Signs and Seasons Field Journal Manual‎

I am very happy, finally available is Signs and Seasons Field Journal and Test Manual. ‎This workbook is designed to help establish High School Credits (120 hours).‎
For moms and dads learning Classical Astronomy it will provide handy tables and sketch ‎boxes for recording observations of the night sky. Also included are maps for recording ‎the [...]

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Total Solar Eclipse of 2008

Then God said,
“Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens
to divide the day ‎from the night;
and let them be for signs and seasons,
and for days and years.‎
Genesis 1:14
I missed the past Total Solar Eclipse 2008 (August 1st)!‎
It was seen partial in Saudi Arabia (Latitude 26° 17′ N). ‎

In those days I was south [...]

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Homeschool Copyright Awareness

Copyright for Homeschoolers

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The Homeschool FREEBIE of the Day

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Today’s Freebie is the Ebook Ancient Literature Volume Two Alexander The Great,
Do not miss it!!!, click in the orange icon to get it

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Y si hubiera genios en las lámparas…‎

Contribución al IV Edición del Carnaval de Educando en Familia, alojado en Libres como el ‎Volcán (Tema propuesto: Mis tres deseos y algún que otro sueño)‎

Año 316 de nuestra era:‎
En diciembre, Juliano se convirtió en Emperador de Roma. En febrero del siguiente año, ‎proclamó “tolerancia” religiosa. Juliano rápido se dio cuanta que un ataque [...]

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Excerpt from “The Straw Ox”

Each morning Octavio reads 15 minutes, this is part of his homeschooling daily program. Today he ‎read The Straw Ox –A Russian Folk Take. ‎Here some videos:

Note: Each day he read new stories,new books, this is to avoid memorization of words.
Remember, ‎Phonics Instruction is the key of succeed in reading.‎
Bye, bye

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Thai Silk

English (A continuación texto en Español):‎
Did you know that the process to make silk was keep as a secret for more than one thousand ‎years?‎
We are right now making a short trip in Bangkok-Thailand. In Central World was a craft ‎exhibition and there was in front of us the big secret of produce silk. ‎
Next [...]

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