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‎…keep that which is committed to thy trust,
avoiding profane and vain ‎babblings,
and oppositions of science falsely so called:
Which some ‎professing
have erred concerning the faith…
1 Timothy 6:20,21‎
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Millions of Years: Where Did the Idea Come From? By Dr Terry Mortenson
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Practicing Hebrew

Octavio likes to practice the Hebrew Letters

specially the vowel’s marks:

He wrote YOU (ATAH):

oops , the Alef is not perfect.

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Free Audio Books/Audio Libros Gratis

Thank you Rhonda for this link:

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Global COOLING Predicted ‎

English: Texto en Español a Continuación
Yes, you read correct, Global COOLING predicted, not Global Warming. The Old ‎Farmer’s Almanac has predicted 50 years of Global Cooling.‎

Have you stopped to think if there is really a Global Warming? Or are you being carried ‎by the media? ‎

If there is a Global Warming (elevation of temperature in [...]

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Octavio performing Copywork

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Montly Lectures Sep 2008-Feb 2009
Monthly Lecture Series
Every second Thursday
‎5:00-7:00 PM Pacific Time‎
To sign up for our lecture series, please click here.
Thursday, September 11th, 5:00-7:00 PM Pacific Time‎
The Knowledge of God

Michael Taylor
What can man know about God? What can we, as finite individuals, discern ‎about the infinite? These questions have been asked in every society and every ‎age. [...]

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