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One minute in a homeschooling morning

This morning, I was playing with my new camera’s lens while Octavio was doing his copywork. He was copying The Ten Commandments in Hebrew.

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4 Responses to “One minute in a homeschooling morning”

  1. Perla: te pregunte en FB si me podias pasar un vinculo con el texto hebreo de los 10 mandamientos.

  2. Hola Carolina:

    Te doy algo mejor, en el siguiente link esta la Biblia trasnliterada al Hebrero:

    Bye, bye

  3. He is very good at Hebrew!!!
    Isn’t is uncomfortable for him to write in this position? I always ask my children to write at a table, elbows on the table, bla bla bla.

  4. Hello Eszter:

    Octavio has not problems wirting in the floor or in the table.He is very flexible. :)

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