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This is a very particular post, since it is about “gaming”.

After many considerations, we decided that we will allow Octavio to play video games. With this email, I am not promoting allowing children to play to video games, neither I am in a pro-video games, and of course, I do not considered playing video games as part of the homeschooling, just not a harmful thing for my particular household.

Having said the previous, if some of you, my friends, have decided to allow your children to play video games, and, if happen that they have Minecraft, I want to invite your children to play with Octavio in his new server. There are many public servers to play Minecraft online, but I do not want Octavio to play with strangers or impolite children. So I decide to rent a private server that I can monitor, it has room for like 20 children.

If you are interested, send me an email to give you the server IP.

Bye for now

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2 Responses to “Minecraft”

  1. Rua

    Hello Dear.
    do u still live in Saudi Arabia??
    i live in Riyadh and i knew that u attended the doman coarse and i want to ask u about it cuz i will attend one this June.
    i follow doman to teach my son who is 3 years old and would love to get to know u.
    Thank you

  2. Hello Rua,

    If you already decided go to the Institutes, it is better you don’t read my report (links below). But if your visit to the Institutes is something you are evaluating, go ahead and read them:

    Bye, bye

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