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The Hamburg Solution

Octavio Adams “Jimmy Bond” travels to Hamburg for an important mission.

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19 Responses to “The Hamburg Solution”

  1. This is great, Perla! We watched it twice!

  2. Thank you Eszter, I am glad you like it.

  3. Maria Jose

    Wouuu Perla, the film was excelent, i really enjjoyed it!!!! My congrats. !!!!!

  4. Thank you Maria Jose.

  5. ana

    muchisimas felicidades

  6. You guys did an amazing job. Now that’s some project based learning :)

  7. Carolina

    Estoy en España, usando un pc bueno y con buena conexión de internet, y no me sale nada. Solo una pantalla completamente en negro sin posibilidad de abrir nada.
    probaré a encontrarlo en youtube.

  8. Rhonda

    We loved this! My kids thought it was a real movie. I kept telling him that a mom made it with her son, but they didn’t quite get it. hahaha When it was done, my 10yo dd asked, “Why is it over?” lol

  9. Thank you Rhonda:

    Maybe, in the future, will be a second movie :)

  10. Laurie Bluedorn

    Awesome!! But is Jimmy old enough to drink coffee?

  11. Thank you,

    Jimmy Bond is about 50 years old :)

  12. Andrea Hazbun

    Hola Perla,
    ¿cuándo vas a publicar la nueva programación para este año?

  13. Hola Andrea:

    Aun estoy evaluando unos libros de lenguaje de Chritical Thinking, eso es lo único nuevo para este año. Lo demás es continuar la series de libros que ya usamos.

    Los libros de Chritical Thinking llegaron hasta la semana pasada, el primer envió se perdió en el correo y tuve que ordenarlos de nuevo. Tratare de escribir el programa hoy.

    Bye, bye

  14. Rhonda

    We watched this video again since Alex has been using Windows Movie Maker to make some movies and he wanted me to ask you a couple of questions. First, what did you use to make the movie and how did you make the bomb explosions. Thanks!

  15. Hello Rhonda:

    I used Premier Pro and After Effects by Adobe . I bought the explosions in Video Copilot, but there are free explosions FXs you can get in the internet. Check and (Here you will find tutorials). Also, check the next tutorial that explain how add explosion effects works

    Premier Elements by Adobe is the home version of Premier Pro and allows to add Visual Effects. Adobe gives 70% off to homeschoolers, so if you decide to buy some software there, remember to apply for the great discount.

    Any question, just let me know :)

    Any question, just let me now.

  16. Rhonda

    Thanks a bunch! We will check it all out. I’ll let you know how we make out.:)

  17. Carolina

    Perla: no entiendo lo de it is proporcional to the skull.

  18. Hola Carolina:

    Si tuvieras lado a lado el “frame” de la pintura el Embajador (en donde se enfoca el orificio del ojo) y el “frame” de los candados (donde se enfoca el candado que se busca) verías que guardan la misma proporcion en distancia y ángulo.

    Bye, bye

  19. Carolina

    el “encuadre”.

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