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HSLDA International

The Home School Legal Defense Association HSLDA has International Services for American Families living outside the United States and to Citizen of Other Nations.


Next a short summary of the situation of US Homeschoolers overseas:

American families homeschooling overseas, are not required to comply with any state regulations. Families only need to follow the homeschool law for a particular US state when they are physically residing there.
As a general idea, when an American family moves overseas as private citizens, they become subject to the new country’s education laws. (If the family is heading overseas with the US military or the US government, this may not apply.) In first-world or more developed countries, families may encounter homeschool regulations they must follow. In less-developed countries, homeschooling may be uncommon and unregulated and/or foreigners might not be held to the same requirements as nationals.

If there are homeschool laws in place, a family has two options:
-Comply with the law, or
-Wait and see if the authorities contact you. It may be in your interest not to make contact with any officials until you see what circumstances are like for foreign families. As Americans, you may largely be ignored. If you are contacted, at that time you can notify the appropriate authorities.

More information about US Families residing in other countries and Citizen of Other Nation in the next link:

HSLDA International Services

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2 Responses to “HSLDA International”

  1. Carolina Galán

    Vuestro caso sería el segundo, ¿no?

  2. Nuestro caso es que aqui, la ley solo aplica a los nacionales. La educacion de los extranjeros no es de interes a gobierno, es decir, somos libres!

    Se que incluso, no se acepta a los extranjeros en las Universidades Saudies, esas son solo para ellos. Conosco de casos de adolecentes (nacidos en Arabia) que al terminar la secundaria tiene que irce del pais ( generalmente la madre se va con ellos, o envian los hijos al cuidado de un familiar) para que puedan continuar los estudios superiores.

    Lo contrario también ocurre. En las escuelas internacionales, el gobierno no permite la matricula de saudíes. Por supuesto, siempre hay personas influyentes que consiguen permiso para que sus hijos estudien en las Escuela Inglesa o Americana, pero esos son casos especiales.

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