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I like software, so does Octavio.

I ask my friend Minnie about how to introduce Octavio in programming. She recommends me Scratch. There are several tutorials on YouTube. The program is simple but effective. It is a nice tool to allow children to develop their first projects.

Scratch: overview from andresmh on Vimeo.

“Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art — and share your creations on the web”

Octavio has been watching some tutorials and now he is working in a project. One year ago, he was playing in Adobe Flash. Flash is professional software, so requires more time and knowledge. Scratch is the right tool for his age and level. By the way, Adobe gives 80% off to Students (Including Homeschoolers).

One of Octavio’s first animation in Adobe Flash CS5.5

Note: If you believe Computers and Internet are harmful for children, please, omit this post.

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