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The Actuarial Fundation-Youth Program

The Actuarial Fundation-Youth Program offers several math books to help children develop math skills. The Student’s Books and Teacher Guides can be downloading for Free in PDF format. Also, they can be order in print for a small donation of about $ 2.50 per book.


Check the whole list of materials. For grades 4 to 8 they have books in topics as Probability, Conversion, Algebra, etc. For higher grades 9 to 12, there is a nice collection call Building Your Future Financial Literacy Curriculum Resource, its cover Financing, Banking and Investing.


If you download the books in PDF, please, consider give a donation.

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3 Responses to “The Actuarial Fundation-Youth Program”

  1. Andrea Hazbun

    Es interesante lo que plantea esta fundación, y estuve viendo los booklets. Me parecen simples y al grano.

  2. Gracias Perla! Son unos materiales bastante buenos, creo que nos serán de gran utildad.

    Un beso desde España.

  3. A la orden Sylvia :)

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