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Octavio’s Sixth Graduation Ceremony


Today, we celebrate the end of the Sixth Year of Homeschooling.

Next, of the knowledge and skills that Octavio (9 Years and 2 Months old) has win in the past sixth school year.


- The last school year, Octavio memorized the Apostles Cred in Latin.
- We make a deep review of Ancient and Medieval History. He read several books in Earth Science, Physics and Mechanics.
- In Spelling, he is about to finish Level J. Also, he finished 7 books of language from Critical Thinking including Language Mechanics, Editor in Chief Level 2 and two levels of Word Roots.
- In Latin, he finished Lesson 40 of Visual Latin; Third Year of Elementary Greek and Chapter 11 of The First Hebrew Primer.
- Octavio finished Fifth Grade Math Curriculum by Critical Thinking and made a complete review Mathematics 3er and 4th grade in
- He keeps receiving Piano lesson two times, he enjoy it, his teacher gives me good report of his progress.

Here, the video and picture of his Sixth Year Homeschooling’s graduation ceremony.



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14 Responses to “Octavio’s Sixth Graduation Ceremony”

  1. Carolina

    Enhorabuena por los logros conseguidos. Ahora ya podeis descansar un poco (no tengo acentos en este pc)

  2. Gracias Carolina:

    Si, esta semana la tenemos libre, asi tengo unas horas extra mis propios estudios.

    Bye, bye

  3. Carolina

    Jimmie y los niños recitan todas las noches el credo apostólico juntos. yo aún no me lo he aprendido en inglés.
    Esos libros que ha leído sobre física y mecánica ¿son libros de texto? ¿libros sencillos para niños?

  4. Son de los libros de God’ Desing que publica Answers in Genesis.

  5. Ivett

    Muchas Felicidades para ambos. Seis años, uff si que se va rápido el tiempo nosotros apenas estamos por terminar el segundo. Que disfruten el descanso y que el próximo año sea igual de provechoso.

  6. Copngratulations!
    Johanna has a final exam at school on the 6th of June. We have to study what the school program asks, but I am glad we can have some extra things at home and we can read and discuss the Bible, too :)

  7. anaruth

    Felicidades y que disfruten de las vacaciones.

  8. Thank you girls.

  9. Marlen

    Muchas felicidades a la familia completa!
    Muy merecido descanso después de un año tan productivo.
    Dios los colme de bendiciones a los tres.

  10. Andrea H

    Hola Perla,
    ¿cunados vas a postear lo que hacen este semestre?

  11. Hola Andrea:

    Voy a tratar de postearlo esta semana.

    Gracias por preguntar

  12. Estuve revisando el programa del homeschooling del año pasado y noto que no hay cambios para este año, solo me toca terminar los libros ya empezados o seguir con las mismas series de libros hasta acabar la colección. No creo que haga un post particular, quizás al final del año escolar haga un resumen de los logros.

  13. Alexandra

    Dear Perla,
    I discovered your blog when i was searching for Doman information.
    My baby is 11 months old and i wanna do my best for him so i tought Doman’s books are wow…not anymore.
    I m sure you started to teach things Octavio since he was a baby,could you please teach me some?i m talking and singing to my baby a lot,i want to teach him speaking faster …
    I m looking forward for your answer,
    God bless you!

  14. Hello Alexandra:

    I started to try to teach to Octavio when accidentally I discover the Doman’s book, and all what I did was try to follow Dr. Doman ideas exactly as his books recommended. After I discover that that approaches did not work, I move to Classical Education using the guidelines of the Book Teaching The Trivium. The rest is all here in the blog, you can search in the section Octavio’s Homeschooling starting in the first posts.

    I have never sang to Octavio because if any person listens to me singing probable they will cry. I didn’t not want scare my baby ;)

    Bye for now

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