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Octavio’s Homeschooling Program Year 7


This year, we are taking a break in Classical Languages; we need that extra time to focus in Math since we are starting Algebra and Geometry. We keep using Critical Thinking Books for Language Arts, and extra Math practice using


MORINING SESSION (5 days per week, weekend off):

-Octavio’s reading aloud: Octavio does all the reading, from instructions (Math/Language art books) to other lectures in Science and History. We discuss the topics at the end of the lectures.
-Spelling: Continue with Spelling Power. Last year we were about to finish Level J, the book end in level K, we hope finish the book at the middle of this school year.
-Language: We keep with Critical Thinking Language Art Series: Reading Detective, Inference Jones, Word Roots, and Editor in Chief also as an extra fun time, we include Daily Mind Builders Series.
-Memorization: We select pieces in Classical Languages.
-Mathematics: Understanding Geometry (it is the last book in the series of Mathematical Reasoning by Critical Thinking). After finish this book, we are moving to a college textbook in Algebra.
-History: Continue reading from Mystery of History/ The Story of the World and other books.
-Science: Lecture from difference sources according to interest. Chemistry Lab practices
-Music: Octavio continue receiving private piano lessons twice per week.
-Art: Finally, we found a drawing instructor. He comes home ones per week.

Bye, for now


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4 Responses to “Octavio’s Homeschooling Program Year 7”

  1. Nice drawing! Good job!

  2. Carolina

    ¿Qué usas para química?
    ¿Ya no lees tú en voz alta libros de literatura?
    Se ve que te gustan los libros de Critical Thinking. Los hay también para bachillerato?
    ¿Haces algo de geografía?

  3. Hola Carolina,

    Para química, leemos y usamos el laboratorio.

    No leo de literatura, ya no tengo tiempo para lectura por placer .Octavio tiene su iPad, así que todo lo que le interesa investigar está allí. Octavio hace todas las lecturas de sus clases, desde instrucciones a contenidos.

    No me he fijado si Critical Thinking tiene libros para bachillerato.

    Geografía siempre la hemos estudiado incluida en Historia.


  4. Alexandra

    Dear Perla,
    My son is 14 months old and i m thinking about talking to him and reading in another language.
    I know you were reading to Octavio in english and spanish,is a good ideea or i might harm him and delay talking matern language?
    It is said that is best to teach the Child as many languages as possible before age 6,what do you opinion about this?
    I m looking forward for your answer!
    Thank you!

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