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Octavio’s Seventh Graduation Ceremony


Today, we celebrate the end of the Seventh Year of Homeschooling. Octavio finished the school year a few weeks ago. Due to vacation and family activities, we postponed the graduation ceremony to this day.

Following, some of the skills and knowledge that Octavio (10 Years and 2 Months old) has developed in the past seventh school year.


- Octavio finished the Curriculum Spelling Power and covered several books in Language Art from The Critical Thinking Co: Editor in Chief A1, A2, B1 (One more book to finish the series); Word Roots B1, B2 (Finish the series); Daily Mind Builders-Language and Daily Mind Builders-Social Studies (In the way to finish the last book in the series: Daily Mind Builders-Science); and Reading Detective A1, B1 (one more book to finish the series).

-In History, we finish Mystery of History II and we are half way through Mystery of History Vol. III. At the same time, we made review of the topics using The Story of the World corresponding volumes. In Science, we finish the last books of God’s Design on Earth Sciences and started Exploring Creation Series (this time filling the notebooks).

-Octavio started Homeschooling Greek and Artes Latinae I, both are curriculums that he follows by his own, with little supervision.

- In Mathematics, he finished the text of Geometry by Critical Thinking, which was the last book in the series Mathematical Reasoning. He keeps doing Math reviews in

- He continues receiving private piano lesson twice per week, painting lessons once per week and now he has a new private instructor that teaches him AutoCad software once per week.

Next, the video of his Seventh Year Homeschooling’s graduation ceremony.



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7 Responses to “Octavio’s Seventh Graduation Ceremony”

  1. Fernanda

    Congratulations! To all of you!!

  2. Carolina G.C.

    ¡Enhorabuena a todos!
    ¿Qué fue del algebra? Tenía entendido que este año no ibais a hacer lenguas clásicas.
    El Homeschooling Greek es el de Bluedorn, ¿no?

  3. Hola Carolina:

    Hola Carolina:

    Algebra lo tenía pensado empezar al terminar el libro de geometría que fue casi al final del año escolar, así que lo que llevamos del libro College Algebra es apenas la mitad del primer capítulo, no una cantidad significativa de contenido como para mencionarlo.

    Al inicio del año escolar pasado no tenía pensado incluir Latín y Griego, pero en el trascurso del año note que Octavio ya estaba en condiciones de poder llevar esos currículos por sí solo, ambos currículos son autodidácticos. El Homeschooling Greek es de Harvey Bluedorn.

  4. anaruth

    Enhorabuena. Queeeee grandote esta Octavio ya….como pasa el tiempo….

  5. Si,stos nenes crecen muy rapido, Gracias Ana Ruth

  6. Congratulations!

    How does Octavio study history? Does he read it several times and answer questions or what other method do you use?

    Does he understand everyhting in Math or does he need some explanation from somebody?

    Thank you!

  7. Hello Eszter:

    In history, he read from books and answers the quizzes of Mystery of History, but the most important is what we discuss about the topics.

    At the level he is studying Math, which is algebra, there is nothing to understand. Math is about following the rules and math’s laws in the established order. Math is a “man-made science”, with clear established conventions; if somebody follows the conventions will solve algebra and calculus exercises successfully. When people fail to solve an algebra problem is because they fail in apply correctly the math order of operation (or they don’t pay attention to what they write in the paper, which is an issue that has nothing to do with math), but as people practices problems, that order become natural in solving the exercises. Math is like drive a car, people do not need to understand how the car works in order to drive, as the person drives more, it become automatic :)

    In Math, I tell him the procedures, and they he does the exercises.

    Bye for now

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