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My turn in the arena (The New Bible Curriculum of TWTM)

I am not friend of give bad reviews. I truly believe that the worse review a book can get is the silence. If nobody knows about it, nobody will buy it! Very simple! Of course, when there is something harmful, it is a responsibility to send an alert.

A couple of month ago, a new Bible curriculum came to the market. It is being published by Olive Branch Books, the religious instruction imprint of Peace Hill Press. Peace Hill Press is owned by Susan Wise Bauer, the author of The Well Trained Mind. In other words, this is the curriculum recommended by TWTM for their classical approached to homeschooling.

I respect the right of each parent to choose the educational material that better suit their family’s believe system. I am pretty sure that Mr. Peter Enns ( the author) and Mrs. Susan Bauer will find the correct market for this product, but I do not think that its market include the “Classical Christianity”, I mean the people that believe in that inerrancy of the Bible, creational science, etc,

I will let the scholars to talk about the cosmology of Peter Enns:

Review of Inspiration and Incarnation (a book by Peter Enns) by Normal Geisler

Evolutionary syncretism: a critique of Biologos (Enns is collaborator of Biologos) by Creation Ministries International

From mom to mom, the next reviews are the best I can offer you about the curriculum:

A Response to Peter Enns’s “Telling God’s Story: A Parents’ Guide to Teaching the Bible” by Lea Ann Garfias

Bible curriculum that is anti-Bible? by Anne Elliot

In the past week, a little controversy has arisen about this new product. Basically, for the critics that Ken Ham-Answer in Genesis wrote about the author and his curriculum and the unexpected defense that other well known science homeschooling author is showing in defense of this new approach to Bible. This cause me to make a review of my home library, I think, I am safe with Apologia Educational Ministries (they wrote their position about this issue in their website), but I will be very careful in the future. The whole controversy has developed in the cancelation of Ken Ham and AiG to participate a private homeschooling convention (Great Hoeschooling Convention) that support this new curriculum. I still cann’t believe it! If you want to know details about it, FB is full of them, check for Ken Ham’s page.

In summary, for my beloved friends of this blog, my review about this curriculum is DON’T

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7 Responses to “My turn in the arena (The New Bible Curriculum of TWTM)”

  1. How important it is to be ready and willing to discern. A Classical Christian Education should never
    compromise Truth.

    Have a blessed week.

  2. Dawne

    For a limited time we are able to read (for free) Year One of Peter’s Enns bible curriculum that is published by Olive Branch Books here:

  3. Dawne

    Also here we can read an excerpt from the bible curriculum about adam, creation, and the fall:

  4. Sara

    I found this, very funny Blessings

  5. Hahahaha :)

  6. Carolina Galán

    Gracias por advertirnos. Yo no soy muy de libros de texto. Me gusta más la forma “antigua” de aprender: leer los clásicos, meorizar literatura, hacer copiado, practicar retórica, ver libros de ciencia, atlas y mapas, tratados de botánica, manuales de historia y de filosofía, hacer operaciones aritméticas…
    Eso de los libros de textos de grado especifico y asignatura especifica es una cosa bastante artificial q surgió cuando un maestro tenía que ver cómo manejar a 20 niños a la vez.
    Por supuesto, para ciertas materias pueden ser prácticos, pero creo q la gente sabía más antes, y que ahora, en la era de los libros de texto sofisticados y de mil colores, la gente es más burra cada vez.

  7. Si, Carolina, especialmente un currículo por grado para ensenar la Biblia, me parece bastante artificial, y en este caso particular, hasta peligroso.

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