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The Transformation of Classical Education
by Mr. Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn

Classical Worldview
by Mr. Fritz Hinrichs

On Early Academics
by Mr. Harvey Bluedorn

The Logical Defense of The Faith
by Mr. Harvey Bluedorn

On Family Worship:Biblical Facts,Biblical Suggestions and Practical Suggestions
by Mr. Harvey Bluedorn

Why Study Greek?
by Mr. Harvey Bluedorn

A Grammar of the Greek New Testament for Beginners
by J.W.Roberst,  Edited and Republished by Mr. Donald L.Potter

An Apology for Latin and Math
by Mrs. Cheryl Lowe

Hebrew Transliteration Exercises 1
by Perla Adams

Hebreo Transliteration Exercises 2 More Practices!
by Perla Adams