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A haughty look, a proud heart… are sin
Proverb 21:4
One morning in March 2006, I was searching the internet for activities of preschoolers. A few days before  my  son  had  his
second birthday – according to my understanding, it was time to start his formal education. I was waiting for two  books  in
the mail about Classical Homeschooling, but the books were delayed, and I was in a hurry to start the lessons. It was in  this
way that between the links about homeschoolers activities I read “How to teach your Baby to Read”, a title very attractive,
I doubt that some mother will not click in that link, after all, who does not want to teach a baby to read?

Many fantasies were borne in my mind: If I succeed in teaching Octavio to read in such an early age, he will become a great
intellectual, a genius, he will finish the school in a record time,  I,  as  mother,  would  receive  many  compliments;  Octavio
would be the pride of the family.

The link related in a very simple way how thru writing words with a thick red marker in large cardboards, a lady succeed in
teach her two young children to read before the age of two. Immediately, I contacted the author of that page and asker  her
more details. After a few days, she answered me telling me that she was no longer involved in such activity, and she  refered
to me a e-group where it was possible to get some more information about that topic. Immediately  I  found  the  group  and
joined it.

“Can the blind lead the blind?..
Luke 6:39
I receives a warm welcome in the e-Listas group, this was a online group in Spanish language, most of the  members  where
moms and also was a father very involved in the education of his Young son. In this group I received many clues about how
to start teaching reading to Octavio, they referred to me all the necessary bibliography which I ordered immediately.

That very same weekend with scarce information; I went to the local bookstore and bought  cardboard,  thick  red  markers
and many printer ink cartridges.  I made my first flash cards with the words, mother, father,  ball,  etc.  Two  or  three  days
later Octavio was “reading” these words, the method was working! I was very happy.

In that e-Listas group were many opinions about the “right way” of use the cards (there were opinion about the  frequency,
replace of new cards, and if were right or not reviewing words “already learned”, etc). These  differences  in  opinion  were
the result of the lack of primary resource about this method – most of the members did not have the books,  they  just  have
some chapter or some partial translation of chapters.

In this group was a mom which uploaded Power Point files to the group database – this modality of digital bits was  one  of
the multiple technique to use the cards -.All in the group were thankful  for  the  presentations,  and  that  motivated  me  to
create my own “digital bits” in a way to say thanks for the files I downloaded from the group. Without notice  I  become  an
expert in Power Point and my presentations – with effects, with front  cover,  and  with  innovation  in  topics  –  started  to
become very popular in the group. However I left that group because there were many atheist members, quickly I found  the
perfect group: a group in yahoo, in English with a Christian monitor, and many enthusiastic mothers.

I arrived to the Yahoo group and immediately  offered  the  presentation  that  I  had, t his  presentation  were  welcomed.  I
opened  a   Yahoo  email   account   and  shared  the  password  so  all  the  moms  in  the  Yahoo  group  had  access  to  the
presentations. Many moms also created their own PPP Bits and the email account was the way to share with the rest of  the

Short time after that I received the books from The Institutes, and this plus  the  experience  creating  many  presentations  I
become an expert in the topic – when a new mom arrived to the Yahoo group I was always ready to answer her doubts, give
her details of the “right way” to use the flash cards, the objectives we were pursuing, and specially many encouragement to
continue ( this method promote no-testing to the child, so we continue following it with an act of blind faith,  rather than for
an objective examination, I will talk more about this later). This was a very nice time, this Yahoo  group  was  a  real  online
community of friendship and cooperation, and it was a very active group with many  daily  posts.  Here  I  made  very  good
friends which I continue a close friendship until today.

This Yahoo group was focused in reading and encyclopedic knowledge, but the method has other modalities in the pursuit of
created super human beings. It was in this way that I found a larger  group  (It  was  called  Childbrain  (I  am   sure  if  still
exists). In this forums were many moms with children with brain  injury  - from  dyslexia,  autism;  to  Down  syndrome  and
cerebral palsy – to all those children the treatment was the same: bits, creeping,  crawling,  and  brachiating  (swing  by  the
arms from a horizontal ladder).   In  this  forum  in  addition  to  the  Doman  Programs  were  integrated  other  authors  as
Shichida (Japanese author with promises to train both side of the children’s brain so he  can  communicate  with  the  supra
word ( see thru the walls, predict the future, and other promises of oriental philosophies), techniques of another institutes in
Philadelphia   founded  by  an  ex  employee  of  Dr Doman  ( this  was  the  competition  of  Dr Doman  Institutes)  and  the
promotion of several product for increasing the mental power of infants. I never felt comfortable in this forum,  the level  of
discussion was very aggressive: there were mothers complaining about  their  in - laws,  complaining  about  their  children.
Others used the forum to compare methods and take part in useless discussion  about  which  institution  is  better  than  the
other, share their daily deception and frustration. I used to visit the group just to share the presentation, but I did not  make
any friends there. When I found an enthusiastic mother I invited her to the Yahoo group.

              Mr. Worldly Wiseman -- Who bid thee go this way to be rid of thy burden?
Christian -- A man that appeared to me to be a very great and honorable person:  
              his name, as I remember, is Evangelist.
Mr. Worldly Wiseman --  I beshrew him for his counsel! there is not a more
             dangerous and troublesome way in the world than is that into which he hath directed thee;
The Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan
I was working with this  method  to  bolster  Octavio’ brain  and  teaching  him  to  read.  I  continued  pursuing  his  formal
homeschooling – the bits were just like a fertilizer to make that his formal education went smooth and rich.

I joined the Yahoo Group, Basically Bluedorn, a group that was following the guidelines of the book  Teaching The Trivium.
In this group were many moms with many experiences in homeschooling. Sometimes those  moms  commented  about  some
frustration in the early teaching of math, problems about writing,  different  curricula  (in  other  words,  they  were  talking
about the reality in teaching).

Remember for that time, I was an expert in the “joyful education”, it was  difficult  for  me  to  believe  that  a  mother  will
complain about difficulties in learning a math operation when the simple and easy solution  “according  with  my  believes”
was as simple as to make some flash cards with the information to learn, information that the children will win by a  sort  of
visual osmosis. At the same time I read those comments (so different  to  the  ones  in  the  flash  cards  Yahoo  group  where
everything was succeeding), I was starting to read the practical part of the book of Christian Classical Education  Teaching
The Trivium, there, to my surprise in the part about teaching to read there was a testimony by Laurie  Bluedorn  about  how
she started to teach to her first son to read around 1978.

One mix of upsetting and doubts grow in me while I was reading Laurie’s experience: for her, the method was a failure,  the
method could have negative effects in the children as the dyslexia, and the solution was teach phonics – teach the letter and
its sounds- This was so confusing for me, that immediately I emailed Mrs. Bluedorn to clarify her address,  more  than email
with question was a inquisitive  email  about  why  she  was  opposed  to  those  techniques  that  could  be  so  beneficial  to
Christian children, rather than past by the pain of the phonics instruction ( The phonics is a process that  dumb  the children
according to the flash cards method).

Mrs. Bluedorn answered me with the explicative post in her blog:

A Review of Glenn Doman and his Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (Mayo 13, 2006)

I did not like her exposition, there she was showing how those methods were not more  that  a  commercial  product.  In  the
other side, I was convinced that these methods  were  a  technique  developed  in  Philadelphia  for the  simple  human  race
benefit. After I received Mrs. Bluedorn answer, in the search to confirm my beliefs, I wrote to the  Institutes,  the  very same
Mrs. Doman answeed me telling me that there is many people  that do  not  understand  their  posture  and  on  that  case  is
better do not pay attention to such comments. I stopped reading Teaching  The  Trivium,  I removed  myself  from  Basically
Bluedorn and I focused with many energy in the flash cards.

You shall eat, not one day, nor two days, nor five days,
nor ten days, nor twenty days, but for a whole month,
until it comes out of your nostrils and becomes loathsome to you…
Numbers 11:19-20
The thousand of word’s flash cards, bits of encyclopedic knowledge and hundreds of  Power  Point  presentations  were  not
enough for me. Still I wanted to go to the Mecca of the methods, so I convinced my  husband  to  take our  annual  vacation
and visit the Institutes. I had already promised to my online friends that I will share with them all the information that  were
possible to me, if we had doubt, this time they will be all clarified.

When we arrived to Philadelphia, we talked with some people  in  the  Hotel  about  the  purpose  of  our  visit,  but  nobody
seemed to know about the Institutes (A strange  thing  for  a  institution  that  was  founded  several  decades  ago  and  had
trained thousands of parents) However, I did not give importance to that fact.

The next day we arrived to the neighborhood of the Institutes, we took a room in a B&B just in front of the Institutes. There
I made new friends that also will take the How to Multiply your Baby Intelligence Course.

The course was very formal and very well organized. There was not discussion  allowed  and  there  was  no  time  to  relate
between parents, except during the two or three five  minutes  recesses,  the  lunch  time  was  also  very  short.  In  the  first
session we were told that we were paying to listen what they have to tell and not what we want to say, that was  the  reason
for no discussion allowed. If there were doubts those needed to be solved in the five minutes recess.

To me, that I know the books and the techniques by memory there were nothing new in the course. But I had many desire to
see the result of the method (remember that this methods ask never to test the knowledge of  the  children).  Finally  arrived
the day to see the children presentation of the Institute’s children (most of the children,  if  not  all  of them,  were  sons  and
daughters of employees of the Institutes). The children were dressed in a very formal way (the  boy  white  long  sleeve  shirt
and tie, the girls perfect in all). The Institutes promotes that style of  dressing  in  children,  they  said  that  in  this  way  the
adults we talk to the children with more respect ( after all, a child with tie in the supermarket will receive more  compliment
that a child in short pants and tennis shoes “ look wise makes you wise”, is the subtle message).

All the children’s presentations were  perfectly  performed,  each  child  knew  his  roll  very  well,  there  was  no  place  for
improvisation. A seven year old girls  read  a  excerpt  of  Shakespeare  from  gigantic  flash  cards  ( I can’t,  at  that  time,
remember that I myself learned to read at six years old, and my practices in reading were in the newspaper, not my  mother,
not my first grade teacher shuffled cards in front of my face so I can be able to “read”). The girl did her actuation perfectly
and all we were very happy for her achievement. There was also a nine year old boy who read a book that his  father  wrote
to him (large letter, one sentence per page), it was text about chemistry, What a achievement!  (better  said,  What  a  fraud!
Not because I make Octavio to memorize some fact about chemistry,  mean  that  he  know  about  the  composition  of  the
matter) There was not an opportunity to ask the children to read a improvised text, there were only  allowed  to  read  what
was carefully prepared for the show.

The moment of the dissertation of Dr. Glenn Doman arrives. He is a very friendly and nice gentleman.  He  told  us  how  he
arrived to his amazing discoveries about the human brain thru observing lizards as a child in the basement of his house (you
can read that same history in his book What To Do About Your Brain Injured Child).

I will not doubt that it is possible that different people, in different times, in different geographic areas  could  arrive  to  the
same conclusion about a fact. Such seems to be the case of the ontogeny (the stages through which organisms develop from
single cell to maturity) recapitulates phylogeny (the evolutionary history  of  the  species)  which  Dr Doman  affirm  that  he
discovered (however the evolutionist considered that process part of the “mythological past” of the evolutionary theory, by
the way the whole evolution theory is in fact a myth!).  Dr Doman  affirmed  that  if  we  stimulate  age  stage  of the  babies
development, we can accelerate the “evolution”, in short the theory goes like this: if a baby  is  creeping  many,  he  will  be
crawling early, and if the baby is crawling enough, the baby will start walking early, and if the baby can walk  and  then run
many, he will become a genius as Leonardo Da Vinci (why there is not  soccer  players  with  PhD in  neurology?  Please, do
not ask to me).

This foundation of that theory must be enough to complete refuse the method build upon it, not only for the creationist,  but
also for the evolutionist as we already see. Unfortunately, our generation as consequence of the modern  education  has lost
the tools of logic analysis to faster detect those kinds of fallacious arguments. It took me a whole year to awake.

The course ended, but all of us that took the course got the exclusive privilege of joining the Alumni Association  -  paying a
quote, of course- . I was sure that this will be the best support group about  the  topic,  with  thousands  of  experiences  and
testimonies. The reality is that it was a group of no more of 40 active members, most of them graduates  of  our  seminar  of
the seminars of the previous year, so, I must live with the desire to meet parents with older children and to know  about  the
result of practicing the methods.

When I come back home – and with a big lot of original bits, ordered books and other “official products”, and  my  diploma
of “Professional Mother” - I decide to open this website to continue spread the gospel of the flash cards.

Down, down, down. Would the fall NEVER come to an end!
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
One of the compromises that the parents sign when subscribing to the course is that all the  knowledge  that  acquired  must
be only for use with our own children. This was a hard thing to me because I  had  my  internet  community  of  friends  that
faithfully follow  the methods and I wanted to share some information with them. However,  without  stop  being  an  active
member of the yahoo group I joined the Alumni Association.

In this forum there was very little discussion. Soon I noticed that this forum was more  about  psychological  support  to  the
moms. To resist the temptation to test the children’s progress and constantly focus on what we were doing. There was many
flattery to the Moms in this forum by the forum administrator (an employee of the institutes). Here  also  all  were  managed
with false spirit of formality and protocol – we must call ourselves by our title and last name, example I was Mrs. Sarmiento
de Adams – this created walls between moms, even so, I did make some friends there who I communiqué by private email in
a relax way.
Inside this forum I had access to other “programs” as The Law -a system when  parents  wrote  domestic  rules  on  a  giant
cardboard that must be displayed in the living room, so everybody can see it. Children are payed with coins that  after  they
can change to win or lost privileges ( in theory a child can disobey if  have  enough  coins to  pay  for) - Here  also  I  read  a
document call “How to Make your baby an Idiot” in this document were appeal to fear, so  the  moms  continued  following
the program.

I inscribed in the next course that was for parents of children 3 years old and up. There I will learn about the importance  of
creeping and crawling, the most important program of the institutes – according to  the  Institutes  this  program  solves  all
brain injuries and even genetic condition as Down Syndrome (The opinion  of  the  American  Association  of  Podiatry  and
American Association of Neuroscience can be read at the bottom of my article: The Flash Cards Approach”).

The Capital Sin
I had bought a file cabinet to save and keep organize all the bits, but each day I was producing new cards (I needed at  least
100 new bits each five days). That morning  I  was  organizing  the  old  material  while  Octavio  was  playing  near  to  me,
suddenly appeared some of the first word cards I did (mama, octopus, ball, etc). I wish to enjoy a few seconds of my success
and I committed the “sin” of asking  Octavio what was on the cards “Octavio, what  does  this  card  say?”  I  asked  while
show him the card with the word octopus: he answered me “mama”. I told him no, tell me what said  here,  he  answer  me:
“ball”, I tried with many more cards, until discovered that he already forgot everything, he was able only  to  “read”  those
sentences that I had taught him the previous week, but was  not able  to  read  single  words.  I  start  to  feel  very  nervous,
immediately I asked to  the administrator of the Alumni Association.

I admitted that I asked Octavio to read some words. I was told that I know that that was not right to test the  knowledge  of
the children, and if I did the program correctly and consistently he knows how to  read  without  doubt,  according  to  them
what really was happening is that Octavio knows that I was testing him so he decided to answer wrong. That makes me feel
better for a few days, I kept reading the comments of other mom’s about the infinite intelligence of their  children  and  how
that it was normal that they decided to answer wrong when tested.

There was a case of a mother with a little girl that took my attention. This mother  was  concerned  that  her  13  month  old
daughter cannot walk, even so she was doing the program from birth The interesting of this case was not that  a  13  month
old baby cannot walk (that is normal), the interesting is that this girls practice the program from birth  and  it  was  suppose
that those baby start walking at 8 or 9 months! (To get that a child starts walking after 12 months old, you do not need  any
program!). The answer to support that mom by the side of the forum administrator was that his own baby girl  did  not start
walking until 14 month old! So, “the baby program” after all are not different of the babies outside the  program.  The light
was starting to show up.

I keep showing Octavio the bits, cards, running, braquiation, etc, But Octavio continued without reading, so I bring his case
again to the alumni association forum. This time I was told that maybe Octavio did not crawl enough when he was  a  baby,
and that he need a little of “pattering” and after that he will read perfectly. I tried, but Octavio continue without read.

Again I come back to the forum with my case – I started to look as the black sheep- This  time  the  administrator  told  that
knowing I  did a complete and consistent program a whole year, perhaps what was really happening is that Octavio  has (or
had) a small brain injury  and  if  I  did  not  make  the  program  at  that  moment  he  will  be  delayed  in  his  neurological
development. In other words, from night to morning my 3 years  old  son  who  started  walking  at  11  month  without  any
program, which is bilingual and very athletic, was now  suspect  to  have  a  brain  injury  so  he  cannot  read!  (In  average
children start to read in first or second grade at age between 6 and 10) After I read that  answer  I  had  24  hours  of  many
anguish , when my husband came back home from work that night I told him that perhaps Octavio have a brain injury, and
that he needed a neurologic evaluation in the institutes.

I wrote again in the forum, this time I was very sad. I told them that I did try everything and that definitely  Octavio  cannot
read, I was hoping that the Institutes would continue to investigate to help with of Octavio, I  also  wrote a  similar  post  to
the yahoo support group.

“But he has nothing on at all”, said a little child at last
The Emperor’s New Suit- Hans Christian Andersen
The next day after my confession, I received many emails, more than 30  (some  emails  from  the  very  same  moms  of  the
Alumni Association), to my surprise, those emails were to share similar stories. In those emails, the moms  comments  to  me
said they did stop showing the bits a long time ago, and started to teach phonics (but they hide this fact from the Institutes).
That created a big doubt in me: Why did those moms did not say anything? Why did they keep acting that they  did  practice
the programs when in reality they did not believe in them? So I discovered that those moms were afraid, afraid  to  be guilty
of not making enough cards, bits, programs, they feel guilt because of the lack of results.

My last participation in the forum was not  welcome,  after  reading  all  the  emails  I  received  in  that  week  with  similar
histories, my position of submission in the forum changed to a more critical position. I was asking for answers and  not  just
flattery because of my “wonderful job”, so my membership was canceled. They did not want that I keep  contaminating  the
rest of the moms with my doubt. Other friend that also did get results  from  the  programs  shared  with  me  her  password
access so I can read the last thread of my conversation. There I read sentences that completely remove the  cover  from  my
“ If the true reason ( to make the programs) is so the child can compare favorably with the other  Little  children  in  the
neighborhood, then parents might well find themselves periodically disappointed”

Lets analyze this sentences, you make a thousand cars, you read innumerable encyclopedic and science books  to  digest  the
contents so you can write the medulla of the books in ten short sentences, you bought a large brachiationg ladder that  take
half of your living room area, you divided your day so you can have time to make 30  bits  sessions  in  one  day,  you  spend
until midnight cutting images ( because the  images  must  be  without  any  background),  cutting  white  cardboard,  gluing
pictures, laminating bits, because the child need new cards each day, Why? So your child performs inferior to  the  average?
No, so your child performs the same as the neighbors child whos mother did not make programs at all? No,  of  course  not,
all those Dr. Domam books are about improvement, speed, perfection, and surpassing the standard.

When a man buys a shampoo for baldness, for what did he buy it for? To make his hair grown  or  just  for  the  pleasure  of
massaging his head 15 minutes each morning with a stinky lotion?

for this my son was dead and is alive again;
he was lost and is found.’ And they began to be merry
Luke 15:24
I feel a mix of angriness and shame, deception and change of conscience. I was not only spending a lot  money  to  travel  to
the Institutes, lost the deposit for the second course, lost the money of my inscription in the Alumni Association Forum,  bits
that now hinder in my house, that brachiation ladder!, but I had motivated many moms to fall in that trap. I needed  to take
action urgently.

My first change of conscience was for Mrs. Bluedorn, one year before she told the time  to  answer  my  impertinent  email. I
wrote to her, and quickly she answered me that she was never upset with me, that she understood me because I  did  exactly
what she tried to do with her first son. I also contacted Basically Bluedorn Yahoo Group, I asked forgiveness for  my  abrupt
retire, I continue being a member of this group until today.

I kept investigating those methods now looking from another perspective. I found information and literature,  studies  about
the effects of those methods, and analysis of consequences. I discovered that the idea to read  large  cards  was  not  born in
Chestnut Hill! Actually that method was developed in the 19th century to teach deaf people to read.

Other moms sent me their own articles and  references.  I  wrote
The Flash Card Approach,  and  started  to  share  it  in all
forums that I know.

“The Opinologists”
There is always somebody expert in giving opinions!
The day after the diffusion of my discoveries, my website received 700 visits and more than 1000 the next day (it was  a  hot
topic). There we have a very interesting discussion where the favorable opinion about the methods abounded but  there was
lack of arguments with supportive evidence.

There were a few moms very upset with me for having the insolence of such said “blasphemies” against the methods.  I was
not a easy victim, I was a mom that did everything, there was nothing that they can blame me for  the  lack  of  results  ( the
general position was that there were lack  of  result,  the  mom  was  the  responsible,  perhaps  because  she  did  not  make
enough, or she did not make the things correct.

Of course, somebody brings the “Theory of the Balance”: The best is to do a little of phonics and a little of cards. Also there
was something that affirmed about one case with success, but there was a forum with around 2000  members,  1/2000!  Will
you do a program that has this percent of success? The phonics instruction to reading has more than 20 centuries of success
in a wide spectrum of languages, cultures and historic époques. My report about the French  Government  who  forbids  the
whole word as a method of teaching reading in the public school system, was not accepted for Spanish. Some  said  that  the
problem is the English language that is very irregular so flash cards is the only option (in the Spanish forum  they  said  that
the method was good in Spanish but not for English!). I will not make this story long; the moms are upset with my  insolence
asked that the topic was deleted from the forum and my expulsion, to make the things easy I asked the owner of  the  forum
to remove my membership.

In other forum where I share the same reports, happened the same at the end of  the  discussion.  This  whole  method  thing
was a like a sect, the one that is against has got to go!  

After all, is it not juts harmless word cads?
Three points to take in consideration:

1)The flash cards thing is not just a harmless game; it can have serious and permanent consequences  for  the  children.
The dyslexia could be induced if you train a child to memorize words as pictures instead of teaching him to read it.

Here it is important to mention the trick behind all of this: Redefine the word “reading”.

In a primary sense of the word reading means:

In a primary sense the word read means to utter or pronounce written or printed words, letters or characters in the proper
order; to repeat the names or utter the sounds customarily annexed to words, letters of characters.

Example: The wolf is in the garden: Th-e w-o-l-f i-s i-n th-e g-a-r-d-e-n.

The  promoters  of  the  flash  cards  approach   (whole word),  are  using  a  different  definition,  here  the  objective is  the
“interpretation” a written document.

Example: The wolf is in the garden- could be read as ( between other options)” “The fox is in the forest”. What  you  obtain
is approximated idea about what is written, they promote guessing of words in the context, it is not  accurate  reading.  The
reading by flash cards is subjective reading.

More about this topic in the Samuel Blumenfeld essay
Induced Dyslexia in the page of Don Potter.

2)We create disabilities in the healthy child.

The healthy child has the ability to learn orthographic and phonetics sings (letters and its sounds) that after he can  learn to
combine to understand a complete thought. The child with brain disabilities has troubles to make this connections, however
if we train a well child to read as if he has a disability, what we will obtain that the well child  will  start  to  show  the  same
symptoms of the child with disabilities.

To better understanding, I will make the example with blindness:

I well child can see the letters and learn to read these letter using his eyes. The blind child cannot see the letter, so  we  train
him feel the shape of latter in Braille using his fingers.

After some time, because the succeed in teaching blind  children  to  read  in  that  way,  the  government  make  the  Braille
method the official method to teach reading in all the school system.

We ask to the well children to close their eyes so they can concentrate and feel the shape of the letters in  Braille.  What  will
happen with the time? The well child will be unable to read a book with his  eyes,  he  will  read  only  using  his  fingers,  we
make him functionally blind to read.

The flash card method to teach reading was created for deaf and mental retarded  children,  that  because  his  disability  to
learn and understand sound symbols (phonics). So it was develop for them a method where  they  can  relate  a  idea  to  the
picture of a word.

When this technique is used with well children, what happened with the time is that those children  do  know  how  to  relate
letter and its sounds – they depend of how many words they have memorized to understand a whole idea – they  are  unable
to read a book beyond the level of reading (amount of words they know). English  has  more  than  one  million  words, how
many do you thing a child can memorize? The children that learn to read using flash  cards  become  functionally  dead  and
mental retarded respect to reading; they are unable to read a book in the sense that we know it.

If you compare a book that children just to read one century ago with what children are reading now,  you  will  understand
what I am talking about.

3)The true objectives of the Whole Word method to teach Reading.

In defining reading, the pro-whole language authors of Whole Language: What’s the Difference” writes:

From the whole words language perspective, reading (and language use in general) is a process of generating hypotheses in
a meaning-making transaction on a socio historical context…In a transaction model,  words  do  not  have  static  meaning.
Rather, they have meaning potential and the capacity to communicate multiples meanings.

Example: Where before we read “perversion” now we read “alternative style of life”; we use to read “killing a baby”  now
we read “free choice”, where before we read “parricide” now we read “die with dignity or euthanasia, “marriage”  can be
read as the union of a man and a woman, two man, two woman or a man and his dog, who know,  everything  is  ok  in  the
Whole Word philosophy.

It is important for homeschoolers to understand this connection between whole language and  deconstruction.  The  purpose
of both is the destruction of the absolute word as represented by the word of  God  in  Scripture.  If  children  are  taught  to
invent their own meaning in whatever they read, then what is to stop them from reading the  Bible  in  their  own  subjective
manner, inventing whatever meaning happens to please them? – The Whole Language Boondoggle by Samuel Blumenfeld.

The alternative is clear: come back to phonics, where should we have never departed. As we mentioned before, the  process
of teaching reading using phonics has more than 20 centuries of success, and is the only method  that  guarantees  objective
reading. Actually, is the only method to learn to read, the whole languages is nothing more than “actuation of reading” it is
not real reading.

I know that many moms  will  protest:  “Phonics  is  for  older  children,  older  than  4,  5  and  6  years  old   because  their
neurologic developments cannot understand the abstraction of phonics”. So what is the alternative for babies?  The sincere
answer is: there is not alternative for babies.

In the same way that we cannot teach walking  to  a  3  months  old  baby,  we  cannot  teach  to  read  a  child  who  is  not
neurological ready for that. You can put some apparatus in the legs of a baby so he can look as  if  he  is  standing  up,  then
you can move his legs so it will look  that  he  is  walking.  But  as  soon  you  remove  the  support  the  baby  will  fall,  and
everything will be not more than a cruel experiment to please the mom’s vanity. You can spend  5  years  trying  to  make  a
baby memorize enough words so he can read a Disney book or  you  can  spend 6  month  giving  phonics  instruction to a  6
years old child so he can read a Charles Dickens book, it is your decision.

See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise,
redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15-16
And, what about the Bits? Many will say that those ideas of learning to read using flash cards was  a kind   of  fantasy,  and
that they never take it seriously, but continue thinking that the Bits are something different.

I will tell you only one reason against the Bits: The bits did not work.

Let see what a bit is: A bit is a large image of a single object, without  any  background,  that  you  present  to  the  child  in
groups by categories, three time a day during several days.  An  example  of  a  bit  is  the  picture  of  an apple,  a  plane,  a
balloon, the portraits of a musician, etc.

I made thousand of bits, for later fall to the conclusion that what Octavio learned from the  bits was  the  same  information
that every child knows by his age. Or was the kind of  information  that  you  can  acquire  easily  checking  a  book  or  just
watching the TV (saving the time and cost of prepare the bits): This information was  recognizing  an  elephant,  a  zebra,  a
car, a plane. And, What about the special bits? For example, the one about the molecular structure of the elements”  About
those Octavio forget everything.

Why the children forget the bits? The children forget the bits for a natural process of “pruning” of the brain cells, the  brain
automatic eliminate useless information to have capacity to relate useful facts. When thus pruning  of  unnecessary  cell  did
not occur, we confront problems of  mental  retardation  and  learning  disabilities.  You  can  look  it  this  way,  when  your
computer is connected to the internet in order to read information; the computer collects many temporary files and  cookies
that with the time make the system slow. The solution is to delete those temporary files and cookies. The  bits  are  no  more
than that, temporary information that with the time become useless and  the  healthy  brain  deletes  it  (there  is  a  medical
condition call the Syndrome of  Fragile  X  when  the  brain  lost  the  ability  to  delete  that  cell  and  the  result  is  mental
retardation). I will admit that a child can learn from the bits the name of some whales, but that kind of information, if  is  of
his real interest, he could learn it without the necessity of preparing bits.

We need be careful with the errors of the process of thinking:

If a mom makes a program to teach to walk her six month old baby, and then the child start walking when  he  becomes  12
months old, the mother could think that the child started walking thanks to the program; or that  because  the bits  the child
learned the name of the fruits, or because the flash cards the child learned to read with  phonics  at  age  six.  When  in  fact
what is really happening is that these achievements are the result of the natural process of neurologic maturity  and that the
child received the right instruction. This is the fallacy of Post hoc ergo propter ho, believe that because a  situation  precede
another, so the first is the cause of the second, eliminating other possible alternatives.

The most valuable thing that a little child needs to learn, you cannot teach using bits: obedience, respect to the parents  and
orders, self control, honesty, to say always the truth, to think of the other rather than be focus in himself.  The  bits  did  not
help you with this thing but take your time to teach them.

…that we should no longer be children,
tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine,
by the trickery of men, in the cunning craftiness
of deceitful plotting
Ephesians 4:14
The Lie
The True
All children born genius.
“For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a
far country, who called his own servants and delivered his
goods to them. 15 And to one he gave five talents, to
another two, and to another one, to each according to his
own ability; --Matthew 25:14-15
A baby will prefer to learn Greek than play with his toys.
Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child;  The rod
of correction will drive it far from him—Proverb 22:15

For in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases
knowledge increases sorrow – Ecclesiastes 1:18
The parents can designs the intellectual capacity of their
For the LORD gives wisdom;  From His mouth come
knowledge and understanding– Proverbs 2:6
You can teach to a child everything you want, if you make
it in an enjoyable way.
The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning,  But the
heart of fools is in the house of mirth —Ecclesiastes 7:4

Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, But he who
hates correction is stupid – Proverbs 12:1

The rod and rebuke give wisdom,  But a child left to
himself brings shame to his mother – Proverbs 29:15

Some finals considerations.
There will always be a mother that say, “my child likes the bits, and that is why I keep with this method”.  If  your  standard
to educate your children is to do what they like rather that to do what they need or what is convenient to them,  sorry,  but I
must tell you that your standard is too low. Never was it my objective to do the programs because Octavio liked them,  I did
the program because I thought that they will be good for him from an educational point of view.

I do not want to be misunderstood, in the sense that I promote a style of education hard and difficult. I have nothing against
enjoying the process of learning, but the enjoyment can never be the objective of the educational process.  It  is  not  always
the more efficient way (a child with good discipline, will perform his task correctly and to his maximum capacity in  a  small
amount of time and a minimum cost), The funny part in the process  of  learning,  if  arrives,  it  must  be  welcome,  but  the
objectives of our children’s education need to be measured to a higher aspect than the simple physical pleasure.

There will be mom’s that believe the method did work with them. To those moms, I want to ask: Did you try  other  methods
of teaching and compare cost/benefit? Are you sure that there is no other way to get the same result with a  lower  cost  and
time? If the time you spend making flash cards and bits you decided to utilize in something else, I already guaranty  profit to

The  time  spent  in  teaching with flash cards,  being  for  reading  or  for  encyclopedic  knowledge,  create  in  the  child  a
dependence to win information. The child become a passive receptor of what the mother has the opportunity to teach.

The idea exists  that those methods help to teach the love to learn or teaching the love to  study.  That  is  a  false  idea,  the
children do not need to “learn to learn”, they already know  how  to  learn,  but  we  can  interrupt  the  natural  process  of
learning with artificial methods of teaching as the  flash  cards.  What  the  children  need  is  to  learn  obedience,  sense  of
responsibility, healthy habits, so when there is time to apply themselves  to  the  academic  activities,  they  do  it  with  good
disposition and enthusiasm even if the academic activity is very demanding.

To close this topic, I want to suggest to any one thinking in starting with these activities, or is already  using  flash  cards  to
teach, to investigate the topic more in depth to read another  point  of  view.  The  bibliography  at  the  end  of  “The Flash
Cards Approach” could open a door to more information.

                                                          My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
                                                                                      – Hosea 4:6

If you have some questions about how to start to teach your children, what about search for the biographies of  people  that
you admire. How did they’re parents educate them? This will give you better clues of how to walk in the right way. It will be
a safe way other than the long list of experiments and educational failures of the past century.