More important than deciding the style of education that we will give to our children  is  to  ‎define  which  family  values we will
embrace. These values will dictate the way to follow ‎in any activity in which we are involved in. Being that the education of  the
children is a ‎supreme goal; these values will give us the guidelines.‎

If you share the Christian Faith, then the only alternative obedient to your Faith is to ‎educate  children  at  home.  Nevertheless
we understand that this is not always an easy ‎option, in countries as United States there  was  a  very  brave  fight  to  permit us
today to ‎educate our children at home  in  an  environment  of  liberty  and  respect.  However there are ‎countries where even is
necessary to open the road.

The education at home has very different objectives than the  socialized  education.  We ‎ aside  from  giving  the  child  superior
academic values, we give them spiritual and moral ‎values. Yet the day of tomorrow these adults that today  are  being educated
in the home ‎will make the difference in the community.  For us parents are not enough  that the  child  ‎learn something, we seek
always to the excellence.‎

There are many styles of education at home, but, since we are going to choose the option, ‎we can do  it  the  best  possible.  This
means following a classical approach, tested by the ‎centuries. The classical model based in teaching  the  Trivium,  giving to the
child the tools ‎of learning: the Liberal Arts will help the child when they  become  an  adult  to  reach  an  ‎intellectual liberty,  to
develop any study or activity, in the same manner we are giving ‎him the armor of reasoning to  protect  themselves  from  ideas
against the moral and ‎family principles. They will develop an elegant capacity  for  communication  to  help  one ‎another to find
the good way.‎

Many families have traveled through the road of  homeschooling  and  they  leave  to  us  ‎invaluable  experiences.   Personally I
recommend as a first practical step to get a copy of ‎the book  Teaching  The  Trivium  by  Harvey  and Laurie Bluedorn. Read it
with care, there ‎you will find a guide to travel through the road with sure steps.

‎Below are some links with information on the concepts that I have mentioned.  After ‎reading them you will have a  clear idea of
Homeschooling in a Classical Approach, and ‎the intellectual force that you will need to begin,  and perhaps be a pioneer in your ‎
country of the best education that can offer to your children.

Perla Sarmiento de Adams
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